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In the DCOYA platform, user management is essential for ensuring smooth operations and facilitating effective collaboration. Before diving into the platform, you'll likely need to create system users who will collectively oversee the organization's security awareness plan. Additionally, our system allows you to create users and assign relevant permissions to each module within the system. This documentation walkthrough aims to guide you through the efficient management of users and groups within the DCOYA platform. By mastering the intricacies of user and group management, you can streamline access, permissions, and communication, ultimately optimizing productivity and enhancing user experience. Let's explore the comprehensive capabilities and functionalities available for effectively managing users and groups within DCOYA.

Create user

1. Log in to the Dcoya system.

2. Navigate to your Account Management by clicking on the Settings button located at the upper right corner of the window.

3. Within Account Management, select the Permissions tab, and then click on Settings.

4. You will find a table displaying all system users and their corresponding permissions in this tab.

5. To add a new user, click on the New User button located at the upper right corner of the table.

6. Follow the prompts in the new user form to enter the user details, set the new user password, and provide the associated email address.

7. Choose the roles you want to assign to the user from the dropdown menu. (Refer to the explanation and role table provided below for more details on roles in the Dcoya platform.)

8. Select the Create button

9. The new user, along with their associated permission, will be visible in the user's table.

10. To edit user details, choose the user you wish to modify, click the pencil button to edit details within the User form, and then select Update.


You cannot change the user password; instead, the user must follow the Forget Password procedure.

11. To delete a user, select the user whose details you wish to modify, click the delete button, and confirm the deletion in the pop-up prompt.

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